What to expect from the planning process in Slough

The need for planning permission

Most building work requires planning permission. New structures will generally need planning permission, but extensions, demolitions, and works to protected trees may also require planning permission.

The main responsibility for planning decisions lies with your local council. That means that all planning decisions in the borough of Slough are decided by Slough Borough Council. It is your responsibility, as the developer, to seek out planning permission before you begin building work.

The planning permission system allows the council to control what development takes place in Slough. This aims to ensure that all development in Slough fits with the overall vision for how the area should develop, and meets the needs of local residents and businesses.

Planning applications are determined using both national and local planning policies.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out the national government’s planning policies for England and how those should be applied.

Local Planning Policies for Slough are created by the Planning Policy Team at Slough Borough Council.

Go to our National Planning Policy Framework page to find out how our local planning policies works within it.

Contact the planning team

Contact the planning team