The local development plan for Slough

National planning policy framework

The Council is now reviewing its Local Plan. This page is here for information regarding the current Local Plan.

In 2013 The Council assessed its plans against the NPPF in order to inform the production of the 'Composite Development Plan for Slough', and future policy development. The assessment was based on the PAS NPPF Checklist which focuses on the main areas where the NPPF has changed policy, and identifies the key issues that have to be considered.

Following consultation the Council considered that with one or two exceptions the policies in Slough’s Plans performed well against the NPPF.

The Council published the documents below and invited opinions on them as the first part of this process. The main document includes the PAS Self Assessment Checklist and a summary of how Slough’s adopted development plan addresses the topics in the NPPF;  the supporting document contains the Slough policies referred to in the checklist: