School attendance

Pay attendance based penalty notice

If both parents/guardians have received a penalty notices then both are expected to pay the penalties. You can pay separately or together.

Penalty notices are issued per parent per child, so if there are two children and two parents/guardians, you are liable to pay for a total of 4 penalty notices.

Instructions to pay

  1. Select the payment link for when you are paying your fine:
    1. to pay within 21 days of penalty notice - this will £60 per fine
    2. to pay between 22 and 28 days of penalty notice - this will be £120 per fine.
  2. Enter your LA reference number - do not include slashes.
  3. For the name please enter first and second name.
  4. Press [Add to basket].
  5. Skip this step if you have no other penalty notice to pay. If you need to pay multiple penalty notices then:
    1. enter "attendance" in the search box and select "search" button.
    2. select [item details] for the timeframe you are paying your penalty for, enter second penalty notice details and select [Add to basket]
    3. if you have more penalty notices to make repeat this step until you've entered all your notices.
  6. Once all penalty notice details are completed, select [View basket].
  7. Check if all entries are correct:
    1. if not, you can remove the item that is incorrect and add another item if needed
    2. if they are correct select [Checkout now] and proceed to make payment.
  8. To get a receipt you will need to include your email address. Please make sure you save your receipt as proof of payment.