Community Safety

Gangs and serious youth violence

Safer Slough Partnership's Serious Violence Strategy

The Safer Slough Partnership’s Serious Violence Strategy brings together key actions from the national Serious Violence Strategy. It includes research carried out locally within Slough, into four keys areas of focus:

  • prevention
  • early intervention
  • enforcement and
  • reactive intervention.

This document cannot be read in isolation from the national strategy, the gang and serious youth violence consultation report, and the Slough Locality Review, but serves as an overview document to highlight key priority areas and work streams. The action plan beneath this strategy will contain a range of activities and projects which will focus on the evidence gathered from both national and local research.

Gang and Serious Youth Violence consultation

Research conducted in Slough to identify the current issue with gangs, serious youth violence and potential risk posed to young people locally.

Slough Locality Review

Peer reviews took place to increase our understanding of the way in which gangs or groups use violence and exploit vulnerable individuals to commit crime.

Home Office Serious Violence Strategy

The national strategy sets out evidence and the trends and drivers of serious violent crime.