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Gangs and serious youth violence

Safer Slough Partnership's Serious Violence Strategy

The Serious Violence Duty requires relevant public services, such as the council and the police, to work together to prevent and reduce serious violence and to produce a strategy by 31 January 2024.

The Serious Violence Strategy outlines a multi-agency commitment to prevent people from becoming involved in, and reducing instances of, serious violence in Slough. It embeds the voices of lived experiences within our communities and focuses on short and long-term solutions to addressing needs.

Our vision in Slough is that we will: Work together to prevent all violence. We will change people’s attitude to violence, ensuring early signs of violent behaviour are recognised and responded to. We will deal robustly with violence when it has occurred.

Our strategy is based upon a prevention model, focussing on three key prevention priorities:

  • primary prevention – to prevent serious violence before it occurs by challenging the attitudes and behaviours which foster serious violence
  • secondary prevention – to develop prevention mechanisms that specifically target those at risk of either committing serious violence or being the victim of serious violence
  • tertiary prevention – to provide effective support for victims and interventions for those who have previously committed serious violence by reducing re-victimisation and reoffending.

Our Serious Violence Strategy in Slough is a working document.

Gang and Serious Youth Violence consultation

Research conducted in Slough to identify the current issue with gangs, serious youth violence and potential risk posed to young people locally.

Slough Locality Review

Peer reviews took place to increase our understanding of the way in which gangs or groups use violence and exploit vulnerable individuals to commit crime.

Home Office Serious Violence Strategy

The national strategy sets out evidence and the trends and drivers of serious violent crime.

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