Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Reporting concerns about FGM

What are the signs that a girl could be at risk of FGM?

  • A girl is born to a woman who has undergone FGM.
  • Mother has requested re-infibulation following childbirth.
  • A girl has an older sibling or cousin who has undergone FGM.
  • One or both parents or elder family members consider FGM integral to their cultural or religious identity.
  • The family indicate that there are strong levels of influence held by pro-FGM elders who are involved in bringing up female children.
  • A girl/family has limited level of integration within UK community.
  • A girl from a practising community is withdrawn from PSHE and/or Sex and Relationship Education or its equivalent may be at risk as a result of her parents wishing to keep her uninformed about her body, FGM and her rights.
  • If there are references to FGM in conversation, for example a girl may tell other children about it.
  • A girl may confide that she is to have a ‘special procedure’ or to attend a special occasion to ‘become a woman’.
  • A girl may request help from a teacher or another adult if she is aware or suspects that she is at immediate risk.
  • Parents state that they or a relative will take the child out of the country for a prolonged period and are evasive about why.
  • A girl is taken abroad to a country with high prevalence of FGM, especially during the summer holidays which is known as the ‘cutting season’.

What to do if you are worried a girl is at risk of or/has undergone FGM

If a girl (under 18) has disclosed she has undergone FGM or you have visually identified FGM, or you are concerned that she may be in immediate danger please contact the police by calling 999 and Slough Children’s Trust on 01753 875362

Further Support and Advice

Foundation for Women’s Health Research & Development (FORWARD)
Tel: 020 8960 4000

If you are abroad and require help or advice please call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Tel: 020 7008 1500.

Fact Sheet on mandatory reporting of FGM

Slough Safeguarding Partnership

0800 1111 (24 hr free helpline for children)

Slough Family Services

Local support available from Slough Integration Service – Ifrah Mohamed Tel: 07958296622

The National FGM Centre

The Rose Centre, Reading – Tel: 0118 9510279 or 07903675676

Sources: National FGM Centre