Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)


An EPC needs to be produced when a building is built, rented or sold.

The person who is required to produce the EPC changes depending on the circumstances. They normally are:

  • a builder if the property is being constructed
  • an owner if the property is being sold
  • a landlord if the property is being rented.

These people should provide them to the relevant enforcing officer or the prospective buyer or tenant.

If an EPC is requested by a trading standards officer this must be provided within 7 days.

EPC for flats/rooms or building split into a number of dwellings

If the accommodation is designed or altered to be used separately for residential purposes then you may need an EPC for each dwelling.

If the accommodation has its own entrance, facilities and heating system then an EPC will be required.

If the accommodation has communal facilities such as a shared bathroom or kitchen then an EPC for the building as a whole will be sufficient.

EPC enforcement advice

If you want advice on EPC enforcement please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.