Sustainable travel grant scheme

Guidance for schools

Slough Borough Council (SBC) operates a Sustainable Travel Grant (STG) Scheme to support and encourage the development and implementation of travel plans. The scheme provides financial assistance to organisations investing in measures aimed at encouraging sustainable travel, such as increasing travel to school or work by public transport, cycling, walking and scooting.

Sustainable Travel Grants (STGs) could include, but are not limited to:

  • secure cycle parking
  • shower/changing facilities
  • a survey to develop a travel plan
  • cycle training, bikers' breakfasts, cycling promotion event
  • walking initiative
  • any other scheme that encourages sustainable travel eg. Car free day, Cycle training or Road Safety Shows.

Grants of up to £2,000 can be made. To be eligible a school needs to be accredited to Modeshift STARS Bronze level. (LINK)

STGs are assessed according to the following key factors:

  • the potential impact the scheme will have in improving sustainable travel to the site/reducing single occupancy car use.
  • innovation, environmental and health benefits are demonstrated by the school’s internal policies relating to travel to/from the site, demonstrating commitment to promoting sustainable travel.

In addition, grant allocation will also be dependent on:

  • the commitment of the applicant to support delivery of the proposal
  • clear commitment to monitor the outputs/outcomes of the proposal with details of how this will be undertaken
  • any existing planning requirements - a grant application for any initiatives relating to the planning condition will be rejected
  • the grant allocation may be determined by the size of the organisation and the number of employees at the site where the grant funded activity will take place
  • the availability of the total STG budget.

Terms and conditions


  • The council contribution is based on the original estimate of the scheme and shall include any administration time but exclude VAT.
  • The facility or equipment will be located at the school site in Slough.
  • Necessary quotes are received (as agreed by the council) prior to the grant being awarded, in order to demonstrate value for money to the council.
  • The scheme must be completed within six months of the grant being awarded, and the facilities funded by the grant must be available for a period of three years from the date of the grant approval.
  • Any school may apply but grants are not available to enable schools to comply with conditions of planning permission or legal agreements which require them to implement such measures.
  • The grant may be used to pay for the cost of materials, implementation of schemes, consultation, research and surveys, training or any other initiative which demonstrates potential benefits in support of sustainable travel to the site.

Changes to the agreed project/scheme

  • The council must be informed of any proposed changes or amendments to the project and reserve the right to withdraw support should these be considered unacceptable. If so, the council will require the grant to be either fully or partially refunded depending on the extent of the changes.
  • If for any reason, the project does not take place, the funding must be returned in full to the council.

Evidence of completion and final costs

  • Photographs of the completed scheme and evidence of the final costs (i.e. a copy of the final invoice for the work) must be provided to the council within six months of the grant being made.
  • If the actual costs are less than anticipated, the balance must be repaid to the council within two months of completion. Monitoring of the impact and benefits
  • The school agrees to provide reasonable monitoring information on use or take up, as agreed with the council.
  • The application must provide adequate information to justify the scheme. This should include the potential benefit of the scheme and how the actual benefit will be measured.
  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ surveys issued prior to the scheme being implemented and six months after implementation.These are both available from the ‘Better by…’ team.
  • The school must become accredited to at least Bronze level Modeshift STARS accreditation and complete an annual survey.

Publicity and promotions

  • The council’s contribution will be acknowledged in any publicity generated by the school.
  • The council’s name/logo must not be used without permission. • The school agrees that the council may use this project in future publicity/promotions.
  • The school will fully cooperate with SBC’s initiatives to promote sustainable travel, such as the promoting services available to their staff.

Please note

Any relevant permission (i.e. planning consent or landlord permission) must be sought by the organisation to install facilities as necessary. The grant funding cannot be used to pay for facilities that should be provided as part of any planning application or obligation.