Sustainable travel grant scheme

How to apply

Application form

If you would like to apply for a Sustainable Travel Grant please complete the application form.

We advise that you speak to a member of SBCs ‘Better by…’ team to discuss your application. You can email them at - please include some detail of your proposed scheme, when you plan to implement the scheme etc. If you are successful in your application, you should spend some time planning the best time to deliver your initiative, so that you have enough time to make it a success.

Approval of application

If your grant meets the criteria set out above, SBCs ‘Better by…’ sustainable transport team will review your application. If your application is successful an award will be made.

Conditions of allocation

Awards are subject to certain conditions:

  • the school survey must be completed first to track progress prior to implementation
  • grant monies should be spent within six months of receipt
  • six months after implementation another survey must be completed to track progress
  • any existing planning requirements, if applicable
  • applicants are limited to one application per year.