Slough's villages


Upton was one of the ancient villages which became merged into modern-day Slough. Upton Park was developed in the 1840s as an up-market residential area after an advert in the Windsor Express invited "Capitalists, spirited Builders and any one desirous of securing a site for a Residence" to apply for land. The original houses fell into disrepair, but were re-developed in the 1980s and 1990s and divided into flats.

Alongside Upton Park is the large half-timbered house known as 'The Mere'. It was built in 1887 for George Bentley, the son of Charles Dickens' publisher, Richard Bentley. George's son, also called Richard, was a great local historian and the author of 'Some stray notes upon Slough and Upton' and 'Some historic inns of Slough'.