2023 Parish elections

Wexham Court Parish election results

There were 11 seats up for election.

The candidates are listed by name and description in the order they appeared on the ballot paper.

Candidate Description Votes
Iftakhar AHMED Wexham Independent 730 (E)
Mubashir AHMED Independent 653 (E)
Mushtaq AHMED Independent 466
Shaida AKBAR Labour Party 635 (E)
Hardeep BAJWA Wexham Independent 633 (E)
Patrick Anthony David DONACHY   222
Harjinder Singh GAHIR Labour Party 709 (E)
Ann HARDING Independent 454
Ghalib HUSSAIN Wexham Independent 478
Hardeep JANDU Wexham Independent 562
Sajid JANJUA Wexham Independent 457
Hassan JAVED Labour Party 632 (E)
Muhammad Nasser JAVED Labour Party 646 (E)
Gaye Marion JEYNES Labour Party 627 (E)
Kawaljit KAUR Labour Party 618 (E)
Saif Ullah KHALID Independent 349
Muhammad Ullah [Zafar], Khan Adil [Satti] Wexham Independent 590 (E)
Mushtaq Ahmed MALIK Labour Party 577
Sanna MALIK Labour Party 480
Tabasum Zabaid MALIK Wexham Independent 366
Gurcharan MANKU Wexham Independent 458
Lesley MCNICHOL Wexham Independent 209
Ramrattanjit Singh [Ramzee], Sakhon [Sakhon] Independent 571
Parabhjot Singh [Prab], Sarai [Sarai] Labour Party 368
Mabu Khan SHAIK Wexham Independent 330
Abdulfatah Mohamed SHARIF Independent 201
Gurcharan SINGH Labour Party 621 (E)
Dhruv Singh TOMAR Wexham Independent 438

Turnout: 40.3%
Spoilt: 726
Result: Wexham Independent / Independent / Labour