2024 Parliamentary general election

There will be Parliamentary general election on 4 July 2024.


The Borough of Slough covers two parliamentary constituencies – the whole of the Slough Constituency and part of the Windsor Constituency – meaning residents in different parts of the borough voting for a different slate of candidates depending on which constituency they are in.

The council wards within the Windsor Constituency are:

  • Colnbrook (whole)
  • Langley Foxborough (whole)
  • Langley Marish (part)
  • Langley St Mary’s (very small part)

All other areas of the borough are in the Slough Constituency.

Registering to vote

To vote in this election you must register by 18 June. 

For postal vote applications, register by 19 June at 5pm and for a proxy vote register by 26 June at 5pm.

If you have not received, lost or spoilt your ballot paper, you can request a reissue from Friday 28 June.

Candidates and Agents Briefings

  • Wednesday 29 May at 5.30pm at Observatory House (Pre-Nomination)
  • Wednesday 12 June at 5.30pm at Observatory House (All prospective candidates & Agents to attend)