How to vote

Voting by post

Anyone can request to vote by post through the website instead of going to a polling station, so long as you appear on the electoral register.

Return your postal vote application form to:

Electoral Services
Observatory House
25 Windsor Road

You will receive your ballot paper by post two weeks before the day of the election. You must ensure that you return your ballot paper by Election Day, or your vote will not be counted.

Voting by post is safe

Voting by post is safe and proven cases of electoral fraud are rare.

When you apply to vote by post you will be asked to give your date of birth and signature. This is used to check against the postal voting pack you you woudl send your vote in, to confirm your identity.

Your signature and date of birth are separated from your ballot paper before it is looked at or counted, so giving this information will not affect the secrecy of your vote.

When voting by post, you should mark your vote on the ballot paper in secret, and seal the envelope yourself.