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Register a stillbirth

A stillbirth must be registered no more than 3 months since the child was still born.

A stillbirth cannot be registered until a medical certificate of the cause of death has been issued. This may be issued by the family doctor, the hospital doctor or midwife.

In cases where it is necessary to have a post-mortem, the coroner’s officer will contact you to tell you that you are able to arrange an appointment with the Register Office to register.

Who can register a stillbirth

  • In all cases, the mother can register the stillbirth.
  • The father can register the stillbirth if the mother and father are legally married.
  • The occupier of the premises where the stillbirth occurred if he/she knew about it.
  • A person present at the stillbirth (this does not include the funeral director).
  • The person in charge of the stillborn child.
  • The person who found the stillborn child.

Make an appointment

To register a stillbirth, you must contact the register office in the district where the death occurred.

If the stillbirth occurred in the Slough district, contact Slough Register Office.

If more convenient, you are able to make a stillbirth declaration at any register office in England & Wales. The register office will complete the declaration and then send the documents to the register office in the district where the stillbirth occurred. You would therefore have to wait for the required forms to be issued by the registration district after receipt of the declaration, which could cause delay in dealing with the funeral arrangements.

Documents required

The medical certificate issued by the doctor or midwife, without this certificate the registrar will not be able to register the stillbirth.

If a post mortem has taken place, the coroner will issue the relevant documentation required by the registrar directly to the registrar and the coroner will advise you of this enabling you to contact the register office to make an appointment. 

What the registrar will ask

  • The date and place of death.
  • The full name and surname that you wish to name the child (if any).
  • The full names of the father and mother.
  • The father and mothers place of birth, date of birth and occupation.
  • The father and mothers home address/addresses.

Once the registration has been completed, the registrar will ask you to check that all the details in the registration are correct before signing the registration.

You should check the information very carefully before signing.

The registrar will normally issue you with a certificate for burial or cremation which will allow you to make the funeral arrangements.

If a coroner is involved a certificate for burial or cremation is not issued as this is dealt with by the coroner.

Stillbirth certificates

At the time of registration, a stillbirth certificate of registration is available free of charge. Copies of the stillbirth entry can also be purchased at the time of registration, at a cost of £11 each.

Further copies of certificates can always be obtained at a later date if required.

Payment for certificates can be made by either cash or credit/debit card.

If you need to arrange a funeral quickly

If you have a medical certificate and it is for religious reasons, then the funeral director will normally liaise with Slough Crematorium and the Register Office.

Contact the Register Office

Contact the register office