Council tax and landlords

Your responsibilities as a landlord

Slough Borough Council will need information about any tenants in your rented property so that we can decide who is liable for the Council Tax. The Council Tax law says that a person who appears to be the owner, managing agent or resident of a dwelling must give us this information if he/she has got it (Regulation 3 of the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992).

We therefore need to know about any changes in tenants, any unoccupied periods, and the details of your tenant’s tenancy agreements - whether they are on fixed-term tenancies or periodic (‘rolling’) tenancies.

Information we need:

  • Is your property rented out as a furnished or unfurnished let?
  • Have there been any periods when there were no tenants – if so, between what dates?
  • What is your tenant’s name and what is the start and end-date of their tenancy agreement?
  • What date did they move in or out, if different from the tenancy start/end date (if you know this)?
  • Is the tenancy a fixed-term or rolling tenancy?
  • If there is more than one tenant, do they have a joint tenancy agreement or separate agreements?
  • What is your tenants’ previous address, and forwarding address once they move out?
    (You are not obliged by law to supply the tenants previous and forwarding address but it will help us, if you have it.)

Please contact us to provide information, or if you need information that you cannot find on our website.