Court summons

What if I can’t pay the amount in full?

If you do not pay in full before the court date we will request the Magistrates to award a Liability Order. We will ask for further costs of £61 to be added.

The Magistrate are likely to issue a Liability Order to the Council as the amount is due from you, which has not been paid as summonsed.

What is a Liability Order?

It’s an order which is granted by the Magistrate court for unpaid council tax. It gives Slough Borough Council the power to take enforcement actions if you do not pay or agree to pay by instalments.

Do I have to attend the court hearing?

No, you don’t have to attend because Slough Borough Council will ask the Magistrate to award the liability order in your absence.

However, you may visit one of our local access points, in Britwell, Slough or Langley alternatively you may ring our Customer Services Centre on 01753 475111, where your case can be discussed and an arrangement can be agreed

Should I attend court to agree a payment plan?

No. The Magistrate cannot agree a payment plan with you.

To agree to a payment plan, you should contact our Customer Service Centre on 01753 475111. Slough Borough Council will still apply for a Liability Order and the instalment plan will include summons costs of £83.95 and Liability Order costs of £61.

Should I attend court to tell the Magistrates I may be entitled to Council Tax Support?

No. The Magistrate cannot take into account the fact that you have a claim for Council Tax Support outstanding.
We would suggest you contact our Customer Service Centre on 01753 475111 or visit our council offices to discuss your case/s before the court hearing to ensure they have all the relevant information necessary.

Please be informed we cannot assume full Council Tax Support will be awarded and Slough Borough Council will still go ahead to obtain a Liability Order- if full Council Tax Support has been awarded after the hearing and only costs remain we will remove these.

I have been paying the Council Tax but my payments have been late. Should I attend court to tell the Magistrates?

No, you do not need to attend as you have already lost your right to pay by instalments because you have not paid by the due dates The Magistrates are therefore likely to issue a Liability Order

What happens after court hearing?

If you haven’t already agreed an instalment plan with Slough Borough Council, a letter will be sent to you requesting information from you about your financial circumstances which needs to be completed and returned with supporting evidence and offer of payment. It is in your interest to respond to this letter

What happens if I don’t agree to pay the amount due, or if I make an arrangement to pay and do not keep to it?

Slough Borough Council can enforce one of the below recovery routes to recovery the debt:

  • enforcement agent (bailiffs) where additional costs can incur
  • deduction from your salary
  • deduction from your benefits
  • bankruptcy
  • Charging Order
  • Charging Order on your property

You should contact us as soon as possible to make an arrangement or if you are having difficulty paying. Don’t let it get to one of above stages.

Attending court

When attending court please bring with you identification e.g. passport or driving licence, so the case can be discussed with you under the Data Protection Act. If you are representing the named person who is unable to attend the court hearing, we will require a letter of authorisation from them. Failure to attend court without the correct information will lead to you being turned away.