Court summons

Why have I received a court summons

You have received the summons because:

  • the full balance of your council tax for the period shown on the summons is now due, and
  • payment has not been received from you.

The full amount is now due either because:

  • it relates to a past period, or
  • because you have lost your right to pay your current year’s council tax by instalments.

What if I can’t pay the amount on the summons in full

If you do not pay in full before the court date we will ask the Magistrates to award a Liability Order

You can avoid a court hearing if, before the court date, you:

  • pay your debt in full (including £83.95 costs)
  • accept the arrangement to pay, which is offered on the front of your summons.  To confirm you accept the arrangement, please make your first payment by the due date.  You do not need to contact us, we will not take any further action as long as the payments are kept up to date.  If the arrangement finishes after the court hearing date it will include Liability Order Costs.

If you cannot pay the amounts on your summons you can propose an arrangement that suits you better. Find more information on how to make a payment plan for outstanding council tax.

How to pay