Pay council tax

Pay your council tax over 12 instalments instead of 10

Your council tax is usually paid over 10 months, giving you two months in the year where you don’t have to pay. These are normally February and March.

You can ask to pay your council tax over 12 instalments. This means your monthly payments will be slightly lower. However, you would have instalments to pay all year round, April to March. When you ask to change your payment method, you will receive a revised adjustment notice.

If your request to pay in 12 instalments is received in any month after March, you will only be given instalments for the remaining months until March of the following year. For example, if your request is received in June you will be given nine instalments from July to March. If your request is received in November, you will be given four instalments from December to March.

When new bills are issued the following April, your payments will automatically be divided into 12 instalments.

Email to request to pay in 12 instalments.