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How to set up your direct debit - video

You can go to the YouTube site to access the How to set up your Direct Debit video with an interactive transcript - select the 3 horizontal dots icon and choose "Open transcript". Please note the video may autoplay.


Set up your Council Tax Direct Debit Online

  • Sign up once and choose what date you want to pay:
    • first
    • eighth
    • fifteenth
    • twenty fifth or
    • twenty eighth of the month.
  • You will need:
    • your council tax account number.
      This is an 8 digit number beginning with 7, and
    • your bank account details.
  • Please note you need to be:
    • the account holder, and
    • able to agree the payment without anyone else’s permission.
  • Go to our website  [link is read out loud in the video. It is to the main Council tax page].

[Navigating to the direct debit form]

[Video shows a recording of what will be on the screen at each stage, starting with the Council tax information page.]

  • On the council tax page, select the first option “Pay your council tax”
  • And then on the pay your council tax page the first option is “Direct Debit”
  • So all you need to do is scroll down and find the link “Register for direct debit payments”,
  • and select.

[Setting up your direct debit]

[Step 1 – personal details]

The first step of this form is to give information about the payer.

  • Before you fill in your details check out the terms and conditions
    • To find these, scroll down and select the “Your Privacy Page link, and find out more about our terms and conditions, what information we collect and why.
    • When you’ve finished reading you can return to the form by selecting the back button.
  • Start by choosing your title from the list. [Drop down shown on screen.]
    Such as
    • Doctor
    • Miss
    • Mr
    • Mrs or,
    • Ms.
  • Fill in your forename or first name, and your surname.
  • Next, if you want to use this form for business rates, fill in your company name.
  • Then, for both council tax and business rates you will need to enter in your email
  • You can also fill in your phone number if you wish
  • Select the box "I confirm that the details I have given are correct and I have read and agree to the terms and conditions".
  • And select "Next".

[Step 2 – property details]

The second step of this form is to give your property details.

  • So start by filling in your account number. This will be:
    • your eight digit council tax account number starting with 7, or,
    • your eight digit business rates account number starting with 1.
  • Next select your account type: [Drop down with two options.]
    • council tax or
    • business rates
  • And then select how many payments you want to make and on which date.
    [Drop down with different combinations of number of payments and payment dates.]
    You can choose from:
    • 10 payments
    • 12 payments
    • annual or half yearly payments.
    On the:
    • first
    • eighth
    • fifteenth
    • twenty fifth or
    • twenty eighth of the month.
  • Next you need to decide where you wish to have your correspondence sent:
    [Two radio button choices.]
    • to the account address
    • or to a different address?
  • And select "next".

[Step 3 – Set up your payment]

The third step is to set up your payment.

  • So confirm that you are the account holder [Two radio buttons yes/no.]
  • Then, fill in the bank account holder’s name.
  • Add the bank or building society account number
  • And your branch sort code.
  • And select verify.
  • The page will then reload to check your bank account details with your bank
  • Go to the bottom and check the details are correct
  • If they are wrong you can select "clear" to change and correct them. 
    Or if they are correct select continue.

[Step 4 – Check your details]

Finally you will be shown a summary of all the details you have given so far

If they are correct select Confirm and set up Direct Debit to finish up setting up your direct debit

You will be shown a confirmation that the direct debit has been set up on screen.

  • Your direct debit will be set up with your bank in about a day after you have submitted it.
  • And your first payment will be on the day of the month you have chosen.

Find out more on our website  [Link is read out loud in the video. It is to the main Council tax page.]