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Residents are set to receive a £150 cash payment from the government in response to rising energy bills, if they are in council tax bands A to D. The council is awaiting further details on how the rebate scheme will work. Payments are likely to be made from April onwards.

You can set up direct debits to pay your council tax so you will be in the system ready to receive the payment as soon as it is issued.

Direct debit is the preferred method of payment for council tax - it keeps costs down for you and for the council, which keeps council tax increases to a minimum.

It also means no cash to carry about, no queuing to pay and a choice of 3 payment dates each month: the 1, 15 or 25.

You don't need to remember to pay your bill each month as the payments are made automatically.

Register for direct debit payments.

Council Tax bills 2022/23

Council Tax bills for 2022/23 are being issued from 23 March onwards. You will get these by post.

If you have a self-service account the bills can be found online.

Annual billing is later this year, so if you pay on the 1 day of each month then:

  • your first instalment in April will be due on 15 April 2022
  • your direct debit will automatically be collected on 15 April 2022

and then payments and direct debits will go back to the 1 day of each month from May onwards.

You will receive a breakdown on your new bill.