Noise complaints

Alarm noise

 Alarms are important security devices for homes, offices, shops and factories. But they can cause a nuisance if they are left to continually sound, once they have been triggered.

Legal Requirements

All audible intruder alarms should be properly:

  • designed
  • installed
  • maintained
  • and comply with British Standard BS 4737 All unreliable equipment should be replaced, and the alarm should not be set off during normal opening and closing procedures. All alarm installations must be fitted with an automatic cut out device to prevent the alarm from sounding for more than 20 minutes after the alarm is activated. The audible alarm may be replaced by a flashing light.

Continually sounding alarm

Where an alarm sounds continuously for more than an hour, and we are unable to contact key-holders to deactivate the alarm, the Council can get a warrant to enter the premises to de-activate it. The Council can then recharge you for the work carried out to de-activate the alarm.

Providing key holder information

Where an alarm is installed in residential or commercial property, the names and addresses of two key-holders should be given to the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team. This should take place within 48 hours of installing an alarm system or of taking over any existing system.