What goes in my bins

How to avoid contaminating your recycling bin

There are some simple steps which you can take to ensure that your recycling will be collected, as follows:

  • Items should be put in your bin clean, dry and loose: Rinse out plastic bottles, glass jars, food and drink cans.
  • Don't bag it: there's no need for plastic bags - place your recyclables loose into your red and green bin
  • Take care with plastics: you can recycle loose plastics such as plastic bottles, plastic food trays, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, ice cream containers. But soft plastics such as plastic bags, plastic wrappers, crisp packets and plastic film go in your grey bin. 
  • Remove textiles: the kerbsite recycling service does not accept textiles as they get caught up in the sorting machines and are easily spoiled when mixed with other materials in a bin. Textiles and shoes can be recycled at the household waste recycling centre or one of the recycle bring banks across the borough; alternatively, you can donate unwanted textiles to charity shops.
  • Keep food out: please don’t put food waste into the red or green recycling bin - even tiny amounts can spoil large batches of recyclable material. Use your grey bin or home composter instead.
  • Check before you chuck: we know that it can be difficult to remember what does and doesn’t go into your bins, so check what goes in my bins.