Local housing allowance

How much LHA will you get?

The LHA is set each year by the rent service and gives allowances for households who need up to four bedrooms. If you are making a new claim for help with your rent and need more than four bedrooms to accommodate your family, you will still only receive the maximum LHA for a four bed property. Most tenants receive the LHA based on the number of bedrooms their household needs not the number of rooms in the property they rent, or the rent that they are charged. The LHA awarded when you make a claim lasts for one year, unless your household circumstances change. After one year it is updated.

You can find more information on the Valuation Office website.

The other factors that will determine the amount of LHA you are entitled to are:

  • any money you have coming in 
  • any savings you have 
  • how much your rent is 
  • if we expect anyone living with you to pay towards your rent 
  • if you share paying the rent with someone else who is not your partner.

You can view more details on rates of LHA LINK.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent

If you are having difficulty paying your rent because your rent is more that the LHA rates above you may be entitled to Discretionary Housing Payment – if you need advice or assistance please contact our Customer Services Section on 01753 475111.