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Changes in circumstances

What counts as a change in circumstances?

A change in circumstances can be relating to you, your partner or anyone else living in your household and can be, for example:


If you or your partner’s income goes up or down or if the income of any other person in your household goes up or down, for example: 

  • Income Support 
  • Job Seekers Allowance 
  • State Retirement Pensions 
  • Works/Occupational Pensions 
  • Earnings 
  • Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit 
  • Child Benefit 
  • Savings or Capital 
  • Rent from sub-tenants or lodgers 
  • Maintenance payments 
  • Any other state Benefits.

Accommodation details 

  • If you move to a new home OR 
  • If your rent goes up or down.
  • If you change rooms.
  • If your house is adapted as part of the Sanctuary Scheme.

Household details

  • If a child is born. 
  • If any of your children leave school or leave home. 
  • If you stop receiving Child Benefit for any of your children.
  • If any of your other circumstances change. 
  • If anyone moves into or out of your home, including lodgers and subtenants.
  • If you or anyone living with you starts work. 
  • If you or anyone living with you becomes a student, goes on a government training scheme, goes in hospital or a nursing home, goes into prison or changes or leaves a job. 
  • If you receive any decision from the Home Office.
  • If you or your partner are going to be away from home for more than a month.

If you are unsure whether we need to know about a specific change then please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.