Resident involvement

What is resident involvement

Resident involvement is how we find out what matters to our tenants and leaseholders. We listen and act on what residents tell us to ensure safe and well-maintained homes. It is also about meaningful ways residents can work closely with us to examine and influence the plans, policies and services that affect them.

The Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023 became law in July 2023. The Act has provided the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) additional powers, to make sure social landlords quickly put things right for residents’ where failures are found.  Such failures could be found through:

  • complaints escalated to the Ombudsman
  • consumer standard ratings
  • tenant satisfaction measure results.

As a social landlord, we must meet new consumer standards from April 2024, with the purpose to strength tenants’ rights and ensure better quality and safer homes for residents.
Resident involvement is about:

  • transparency
  • accountability and
  • resident Influence.

This will lead to service improvement and safe homes for our residents.

We have a Resident involvement strategy and action plan.