Inspections and standards

Our allotment sites are regularly inspected to make sure they are being:

  • used correctly and 
  • kept in reasonable condition. 

Tenants must comply with the tenancy agreement and rules. Failure to comply, may result with a Malcultivation Notice being issued, which could lead to the termination of the tenancy.

If a tenant is not able to maintain their plot for an extended time, it is their responsibility to notify the allotments officer to avoid a Malcultivation Notice and risk of termination of the tenancy.

Slough allotment rules

The following rules are a condition of keeping an allotment plot. Any person found breaking these rules may lose their allotment plot as per the terms set out in their allotment tenancy agreement. These rules are made to help make the allotment site a safe and fair place for our allotment tenants and neighbours.

  • Plots will only be let to applicants from the waiting list and in strict order of the date of application. Persons found working plots without a tenancy agreement will be evicted from the site.
  • Plots are only to be used for growing crops (fruit, vegetables and flowers). Only fruit and nut trees are permitted and must be kept to a maximum 3m in height. A maximum of 6 birds for the production of eggs are permitted per plot in accordance with DEFRA guidelines. Cockerels are not allowed to be kept on site.
  • At least 50% of plot must be cultivated at all times. New tenants are given 6 months to bring their plot to this standard. Plots will be regularly inspected and tenants may lose their plot if it is below this standard. Please contact the Allotment Officer if you are unable to keep your plot cultivated. Respect neighbouring tenants and do not allow weeds, seed, chemicals or items to cause problems to other tenants plots.
  • No sub letting of plots. You may have someone help with your plot but it is against your tenancy agreement to let your plot to someone else. Commercial growing is not permitted.
  • Gates to be kept shut and locked at all times. Please report problems with gates or locks to the Allotment Officer.
  • Paths and boundaries between plots to be kept clear and accessible at all times and ensure you plot does not encroach upon other plots or areas of the site.
  • No rubbish, waste or hazardous items are to be brought onto or left on the site. Garden waste from plots is to be composted where appropriate. Pernicious weeds etc. should be either incinerated or removed from site and disposed of responsibly at the local tip.
  • New sheds must be no more than 6’x8’ and made of stable, safe materials. (Existing larger sheds can remain unless causing problems). Sheds must not be used as residences and no one shall sleep over night on site.
  • Only fires in purpose built approved incinerators are allowed. Do not cause nuisance to others with smoke and keep fires under control at all times.
  • Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated. Do not cause damage, noise or other nuisance to other plot holders or neighbours or the allotment site in general. Keep to your own plot unless invited onto another by the tenant of the other plot.
  • Look after the site facilities. Where there are toilets, please keep them clean. Do not tamper with water tanks or use hoses and report any leaks or problems to the Allotment Officer.
  • Keep within the 5mph site speed limit.
  • Dogs are to be kept on leads and under control at all times. They must stay on their owners plot and any dog excrement must be cleared up.

Our staff are here to help. Please treat our staff with respect. Abusive behaviour will not tolerated.

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