Computer services and library charges

Overdue charges

If items are not returned or renewed by their due date they will incur overdue charges.

Books borrowed on an adult card

  • £0.20 for each day the issuing library is open.
  • Charges are capped at a maximum of £5 per item.  

Children's books

Please make sure you borrow children's books on children's cards. Children's books borrowed on adults cards will be charged £0.20 per day.

  • For children aged 0-13 : No overdue charges.  
  • For children aged 14+ : £0.10 for each day the issuing library is open. 
  • Charges are capped at a maximum of £1.50 per item 

e-Books, e-Audiobooks and e-Magazines 

  • No overdue charges
  • e-Books, e-Audiobooks and e-Magazines will be deleted from your account after the loan period is complete.
    You can renew e-Books and e-Audiobooks to extend the loan period and will be sent a reminder to do so.

Please note

  • Physical items can only be renewed up to 4 times on the phone or online. They cannot be renewed if you owe more than £10 or if an item is reserved for another customer.
  • Overdue charges are charged on a daily basis ie, library opening days (not weekly) until the maximum charge is reached.