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Private hire vehicle licence

Coronavirus and changes to private hire

All vehicle applications need to be submitted to

Fitting of safety screens or partitions to vehicles

Guidance issued by the Local Government Association (LGA) states that currently there is limited evidence available about the effectiveness of screens in reducing the risk of transmission of infection, as they do not provide a fully sealed compartment which completely separates the driver from the passenger. Therefore, whilst it is possible that partitions may reduce the risk of transmission of infection, please note the risk would not be eliminated entirely.

The decision to install a protective screen during the current pandemic will be a matter for individual vehicle owners and operators to consider.

Slough Borough Council accepts no liability in circumstances in which a screen causes injury to a passenger or driver.

Screen specifications

Any fittings or equipment must comply with the Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations and meet the following specifications:

  • any screen must be tested to the relevant EU standard for an original equipment type approval test covering interior fittings
  • screens must be approved by MIRA or other comparable independent product engineering, testing, consultancy and certification organisation.screens must be professionally and securely fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • certification from the vehicle’s manufacturer should be sought to confirm that the screen does not compromise the integrity of the vehicle structure
  • screens should be constructed of PETG or polycarbonate
  • screens must not interfere or compromise any safety features including the airbags and handbrake
  • screens must not impede the driver’s vision, movement, or communication with passengers
  • screens must not restrict driver and passenger access to or from the vehicle. Insurers must be notified of any modifications made to the vehicle.

The screens/partitions must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, including between every passenger journey and changes of driver.

If you wish to install a protective screen in your vehicle you must first:

  • confirm with your insurance company that your insurance is still valid if you fit a protective screen.
  • you must satisfy yourself that the equipment and installation will meet the required standards.

Further government advice

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