Property licensing

Purpose of licensing schemes

We are committed to make sure all residents have access to safe, good quality housing.

We license properties to:

  • improve property standards and management
  • help address anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues
  • protect our residents from rogue landlords
  • provide a light touch solution for landlords who meet the requirements and already provide good quality accommodation and service.

Some updates to the licensing schemes were approved by cabinet on 18 March 2019, after a 12 week consultation. The rationale and evidence base for introducing the licensing schemes can be found in the Private Rented Property Licensing Cabinet Report submitted to Councillors.

It is the responsibility of the person having control of a rented property in the borough to:

  • establish whether or not they need a licence and;
  • which licence they require
  • display a copy of the licence in a prominent and accessible position within the property at all times.

Operating a property which is required to be licensed without a licence is an offence punishable by a Financial Penalty of up to £30,000 or an unlimited fine on conviction in a Magistrates Court.

As of 1 April 2019 Slough Borough Council stopped accepting paper applications.

Applicants are required to make their application and pay the relevant fee via the online property licensing system.