Parking permits and how to apply

Applying for a parking permit

To balance the needs of residents, local businesses and other groups who require access to parking, Slough Borough Council issues a variety of permits for on and off street parking.

If you live within any of the resident parking zones found in the list of zones you can apply for a residents parking permit. Please note any resident who resides in a new or existing development where limited or no parking is provided, would not be eligible for a residents parking permit within the zones listed above.

To apply online for a residents permit you must supply proof of residency and proof of vehicle ownership (the vehicle must be registered at the address your permit is for).

Applications for Resident, Business, Dispensation and Visitor permits must now be made using:

An account can be set up and a virtual permit will be issued once your application is approved. It can take up to 24 hours for your permit application to be processed, once it has been received.

If you have a valid paper permit and visitor voucher (scratchcards), they can still be used and will be recognised, once they have expired you will need to renew your permits online.

Any permit enquiries and applications for a Carer and a Car Park Season Ticket can be made at:


Please make sure you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of a permit before submitting an application.