Parking permits and how to apply

Visitor permits

If you live within any of the resident parking zones you can apply online for visitor parking permits for your visitor to park within the resident parking zone. Each property is given an allowance of 720 hours to purchase over a 12 month period. All permits are sold in slots of 5 (for example you would pay £5 and receive 5 x 3 hour permits):

  • 5 x 3 hours - £5.00
  • 5 x 6 hours - £10.00
  • 5 x 12 hours - £15.00
  • 5 x 24 hours - £25.00.

Either the resident or visitor must activate vouchers for the days the vehicle is being parked. You may have to provide evidence before your vouchers can be activated. Once your evidence has been approved, you can activate vouchers straight away or for any time in the future.  If you choose today’s date, the voucher will activate instantly. 

You can see that a voucher is active by logging into your account and looking under current voucher sessions. An officer will input the vehicle registration into their handheld device and will be able to see that a visitor voucher is active and will not issue any penalty. Nothing needs to be displayed in the vehicle. Permits have an expiry date. The expiry date will be stated on your account.

Visitor permit general terms

  • You MUST supply proof of address to be eligible to purchase these permits. The list of acceptable items of proof of residency is listed in the terms and conditions.
  • The maximum you can buy is 720 hours per household per year.
  • Adults over 60 receive a 50% discount. You will need to provide proof of age.