Parking permits and how to apply

Terms and conditions of a permit

All applications must be made on the official PermitSmarti online system. You can log into your online account at anytime to apply, however the permits will only be processed during the Parking Office opening hours.

All applications must be supported by:

  1. Evidence that you are a resident in of the resident zone you are applying for. The following documents are accepted as proof of residency:
    • Utility Bill e.g. gas, electricity, telephone, water etc. (must be dated within the last 3 months)
    • A bank/building society statement(must be dated within the last 3 months)
    • A Benefits Agency statement/pension book (must be dated within the last 3 months)
    • A letter from solicitor stating the date of completion on purchase or the property
    • A valid Tenancy Agreement
    • Your council tax bill for the current year
    • Driving licence – showing your name and current address within the relevant zone.
  2. Proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and that it is registered to the address you are applying for a permit for. The following documents are accepted as proof of vehicle ownership:
    • Vehicle registration document, also known as log book or V5C, showing your name and address with the relevant zone. The full document must be supplied.
    • If your employer owns the vehicle and the V5C is in their name, a required letter from the company secretary (or equal authority) on headed paper, specifying that the vehicle is allocated for your specific use as an employee. (Must be dated within last 3 months).

The permit remains the property of the Council. If you move or no longer have the use of the vehicle, then the permit must be cancelled or returned immediately.

A virtual permit is only valid for the vehicle and resident parking zone for which it is registered to on your account in the PermitSmarti system. The permit shall cease to be valid at the expiration of the specified period.

A paper based permit must be clearly displayed at all times within the vehicle front windscreen of the vehicle it has been issued to, it must not be copied, changed or defaced in any manner and the permit may not be used in any other vehicle. If it is, it becomes invalid and the keeper becomes liable for any penalty imposed.

If the Council has reasonable grounds to believe that the conditions of use of the permit have been abused, the Council reserves the right to cancel the permit. The Council will notify you of its decision in writing. The permit must then be returned to the Council within 48 hours.

You must obey the law relating to parking and obstruction on the public highway. Please make sure your vehicle complies with the below:

  • vehicles must park within a marked parking bay on the carriageway and not park on pavements, footways, grass verges
  • vehicles must not double park
  • HGVs, commercial vehicles, vehicles over 5.5m long are not permitted to park in a residents parking zone and will not be issued a resident parking permit.

Vehicles must not park causing an obstruction to other road users on the highway.

Residents are not permitted to reserve parking spaces within a resident parking zone by placing any items including bins, cones on the highway.

Your permit may be cancelled and revoked if you do not follow these terms and conditions.

The permit is valid only within the area designated to resident permit parking. 

Slough Borough Council reserves the right to withdraw any resident permit or visitor permit if an individual is found to be subverting the purpose of the scheme.

All permits are non-refundable or exchangeable.