Elections and results

2022 Local election


There were 14 seats up for election – one in each of the borough’s wards except Foxborough.

The candidates are listed by name and description in the order they appear on the ballot paper.

Baylis and Stoke

Candidate Description Votes
ISERE Osa-Samson The Conservative Party Candidate 240
MATLOOB Fiza Ahmed Labour and Co-operative Party 1,912 (E)

Turnout: 32.52%
Spoilt: 24
Result: Labour HOLD

Britwell and Northborough

Candidate Description Votes
ANDERSON Robert Labour and Co-operative Party 1,128 (E)
FLETCHER Teresa Mary The Conservative Party Candidate 419

Turnout: 23.22%
Spoilt: 16
Result: Labour HOLD


Candidate Description Votes
ALI Safdar Labour Party 1,151 (E)
KING Tom Independent 387
MANKU Gurcharan Singh The Conservative Party Candidate 268

Turnout: 23.01
Spoilt: 6
Result: Labour HOLD


Candidate Description Votes
AKBAR Shaida Labour Party 1,209 (E)
BACHU Sridhar Green Party 210
SAMPSON Ivon Amjad The Conservative Party Candidate 212

Turnout: 22.75%
Spoilt: 10
Result: Labour HOLD

Cippenham Green

Candidate Description Votes
DAVIS Roger Francis Labour and Cooperative Party 1,022 (E)
HUSSAIN Mherunisa The Conservative Party Candidate 593
SMITH Nick Heritage Party 138

Turnout: 24.83%
Spoilt: 21
Result: Labour HOLD

Cippenham Meadows

Candidate Description Votes
LITTLE Michelle The Conservative Party Candidate 401
PARMAR Dilbagh Singh Labour Party 1,036 (E)
TAYLOR Matthew Benedict Liberal Democrats 441

Turnout: 24.09%
Spoilt: 10
Result: Labour HOLD

Colnbrook with Poyle

Candidate Description Votes
BEDI Puja The Conservative Party Candidate 661 (E)
CHEEMA Avtar Kaur Labour Party 619

Turnout: 30.03%
Spoilt: 10
Result: Conservative GAIN


Candidate Description Votes
ABBASI Amjad Liberal Democrats 502
MALIK Mushtaq Ahmed Labour Party 830 (E)
RUPRAH Jarnail Singh The Conservative Party Candidate 315

Turnout: 25.76%
Spoilt: 10
Result: Labour HOLD


Candidate Description Votes
GREWAL Dr. Aman Singh The Conservative Party Candidate 529
SABAH Muhammad Waqas Labour Party 1,168 (E)

Turnout: 24.54%
Spoilt: 17
Result: Labour HOLD

Haymill and Lynch Hill

Candidate Description Votes
PARKES Catharine Skye Ellen Liberal Democrats 308
WRIGHT Anna Sylwia The Conservative Party Candidate 872 (E)
ZARAIT Raf Labour Party 686

Turnout: 26.39%
Spoilt: 14
Result: Conservative HOLD

Langley Kedermister

Candidate Description Votes
BROOKER Preston Labour and Cooperative Party 850 (E)
O'REILLY Sharon Teresa Bernadette The Conservative Party Candidate 695
SAHOTA Dawinderpal Singh Independent 295
SALEM Tammer Hatem Green Party 91

Turnout: 29.9%
Spoilt: 8
Result: Labour HOLD

Langley St. Mary’s

Candidate Description Votes
BAMIGBOLA Christine The Conservative Party Candidate 902
EDMONDS Julian Edward Jubal Green Party 224
HASSAN Jibril Mohamed Independent Network 147
MINHAS Harj Labour and Cooperative Party 1,007 (E)

Turnout: 30.5%
Result: Labour HOLD


Candidate Description Votes
BAINS Balvinder Singh Labour Party 1,210 (E)
HANNEY Josephine Mary Liberal Democrats 335
RANA Neel Rattan The Conservative Party Candidate 714

Turnout: 31.86%
Spoilt: 11
Result: Labour HOLD

Wexham Lea

Candidate Description Votes
AHMED Mubashir The Conservative Party Candidate 968
DAR Haqeeq Ashraf Labour and Cooperative Party 1,023

Turnout: 28.92%
Spoilt: 22
Result: Labour HOLD