Disposing waste

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Traders and businesses

Please go to our commercial waste transfer station to find out about waste disposal if you are a trader or business.

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What can't be disposed

Items we do not accept at the Chalvey HWRC.

What can be disposed of by a resident

Many items can be disposed of at the Chalvey HWRC for free such as:

  • household items such as excess recycling or grey bin waste
  • DIY waste from small scale projects carried out by the householder so long as
    • it is no larger than:
      • two lots of 50 litre bags worth of DIY waste
      • one large item of DIY waste (2m x 0.75m x 0.7m) (about the size of a bath tub or a shower screen)
    • you make no more than 4 visits during one month.

Check the list of Household items we accept.

The decision of site staff is final. We have a zero tolerance to abusive behaviour.