Problems paying?

If you're having difficulty paying

Council tax hardship

The council has a discretionary power to allow extra help with your council tax to relieve hardship.

The fund for extra help is limited and is a completely separate fund to the Discretionary Housing Payment for Housing Benefit.

All requests for hardship relief will be considered on an individual basis and decisions will be made in accordance with the policy where the council is satisfied that:

  • the ratepayer will suffer hardship if the relief is not granted
  • there is a direct benefit to the ratepayer, or the community, and there is no adverse impact to other ratepayers or the community as a result of awarding relief
  • the cost to local taxpayers is proportional to the benefits to the community.

How to apply

If you are experiencing exceptional hardship and would like to apply please complete an Council Tax hardship application.

Applications must be made in writing by the person liable for council tax and you may be asked to provide all/some of the following information:

  • evidence of hardship or personal circumstances that justifies a reduction in council tax liability
  • evidence that you have taken reasonable steps to resolve the situation prior to the application
  • you can show you do not have access to other assets that could be used to pay council tax
  • all other eligible discounts/reliefs have been awarded to you
  • if you are liable for council tax on a long term unoccupied domestic property, you must show you have made your best efforts to sell or let the property and to impose a council tax charge would cause you exceptional financial hardship
  • the council’s finances allow for a reduction to be made and it is reasonable to do so in light of the impact on other council tax payers.