Food safety for new food businesses

Premises, equipment and cleaning

Your premises should be clean and in good condition. You should provide the following, where necessary:

  • a designated handwashing sink with soap and hot and cold water
  • hygienic hand drying facilities
  • changing facilities
  • adequate lighting
  • ventilation.

You must have an adequate number of refrigerators and freezers for storing food. You must keep food equipment and surfaces in good condition and effectively clean. Where necessary, you should disinfected on a regular basis.

You need to make sure you do not cross contaminate food, so we strongly recommend colour coded equipment. Food waste must be removed from the premises as quickly as possible to avoid a build up. Food bins outside your premises must be managed properly to avoid them overflowing and attracting pests. The bin lid must always be kept tightly closed.

You need to make sure you use the correct cleaning and disinfectant chemicals, to ensure bacteria is thoroughly destroyed. Sanitisers and disinfectants must comply to legislative standards. A list of BS EN approved chemicals can be found here.