Food safety for new food businesses

Food safety management system

You must have documented food safety management system to show and make sure the food you sell is safe to eat.

The law requires all food businesses to have a documented food management system. This is also known as a Hazard Analysis, or HACCP. A food management system will help show you have considered the risks within your business and are effectively controlling them.

To help you produce a food safety management system, the Food Standards Agency has created a pack called ‘Safer Food Better Business’ (SFBB). This system is suitable for most small businesses. For more information on SFBB, or for a copy, go to the Food Standards Agency website, call 0845 606 0667 or email

You do not have to use the Safer Food Better Business template. You can design and implement your own food safety management system to make it suitable for your own business. 

If you are a very small business with low food safety risks, your food safety management system can be very simple.

For support on setting up a food safety management system, contact the food health and safety team. We also offer bespoke support to help your business get it right first time.

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Email is the preferred method of contact. The team aim to respond within one working day.

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