Applying for a home

Check if you are eligible

The rules about whether you are eligible to join the housing register are set out in our housing allocation scheme.

You can also download a guide to the housing allocation scheme.

You must be over 16 years old. You need to meet the immigration eligibility conditions. Visit GOV.UK for more information about immigration conditions.

You must have lived in Slough for at least 5 years in a row. We measure the 5 years up to the date you submitted your application or the date we made a decision on your application. We use whichever date is later. There are some exceptions to this requirement. We have listed them in the housing allocation scheme.

Who cannot join the housing register

If any of the points below apply to you or anyone named on your application, you are not eligible for social housing in Slough.

We will likely reject your application if you or anyone named on your application:

  • does not meet the immigration conditions
  • owns property. This includes houseboats and fixed site mobile homes. This applies if you were gifted property and did not buy it yourself
  • have recently been found guilty of serious, unacceptable behaviour. This includes: violence, antisocial behaviour, racial harassment, and persistent failure to pay rent
  • used fraud or deception to get a past tenancy
  • earn more than £55,000 per year before tax as a household
  • have more than £20,000 in savings, investments or equity
  • refused a suitable offer of housing within the last 24 months. This includes introductory, secure, assured, or assured short hold tenancies
  • have housing-related debt from where you currently live or used to live. We check your housing history for up to 10 years. This includes rent and mortgage arrears
  • are a transfer tenant from social housing who breached the terms of your tenancy. This includes if you did not maintain the home or damaged your home
  • bought a house under Right to Buy scheme within the last 10 years
  • have been placed into Slough by another local authority.