Applying for a home

Offer of housing

When a social home becomes available, we offer it to those who have been waiting the longest in each band.

If that is you, we may visit you at home to check that the information you have given us is correct. We might ask for references and perform a credit check.

If you cannot give the information we ask for, we will remove you from the housing register. If your circumstances have changed and you did not tell us, we will cancel your application and remove you from the register.

We invite people near the top of the housing register to view vacancies. If the first applicant declines the offer, we offer it to the second, and so on until the property is accepted. We do not usually consider second viewings. If you cannot meet a deadline in accepting an offer, this will count as a refusal.

Rejecting an offer of housing

If you reject a suitable offer of housing, we will remove you from the housing register. A suitable offer is one which would reasonably meet your housing need. This means that it is a decent home which has the right number of bedrooms for your family.

You can apply to join the housing register again after 24 months. You will need to complete another application form and supply evidence again.