Applying for a home


Please make sure you have read the previous pages to check you are eligible. If you are eligible, complete the housing register application form.

You can print the form or collect a paper form at one of our Community Hubs.

You must complete the form in full and include copies of all the documents we asked you for in the form. If you do not complete the form, we will reject the application and you will have to try again.

If you have problems accessing or completing this form please book an appointment at one of our community hubs.

What happens next

We aim to assess your application within 8 weeks.

We will write to you to tell you if you have been successful. We will give you your unique reference number. You need to use this number whenever you contact us.

If you have been successful, we will tell you what priority we have awarded you.

If you have not been successful, we will explain the reasons why. 

Even if you have been successful, there will be a long wait for housing. Consider your other options, including private rented housing.

Changes in your circumstances

You need to inform us if there are any changes in your household that affect your application. Changes you need to tell us about include:

  • if you need to remove a person from your application
  • relationship breakdown
  • new address
  • a new baby
  • a new job
  • a change in your health or medical condition.

To tell us about a change, you need to complete a new housing application form.

Any changes may move you up or down a priority band.

If you do not tell us about a change, we will identify this when offering you a property. We will cancel your application and remove you from the housing register. We may even prosecute.

Renewing your application

We will regularly ask you to renew your application. This is to make sure you still meet the eligibility criteria and that you are in the correct priority band.

You must respond to our request within one calendar month. If you do not, we will cancel your application. We will not send reminders, so respond as soon as you can. We cannot accept late responses.

Contact details

You must keep your contact details up to date. If we try to contact you to offer a home and we cannot reach you for 24 hours (not including weekends), we will cancel your application and count it as a refusal.

To update your contact details complete the Housing Services contact us form and include all the information about what details you need to update.

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