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Local authority searches

Types of searches

There are three types of searches:

Form LLC1 

This consists of a search of the Local Land Charges Register. It reveals information on any restrictions affecting the property and its future owners, such as outstanding financial charges owed to the council, tree preservation orders, renovation grants, conservation and listed buildings, road agreements, conditional planning applications and enforcement notices.

Form CON29R and Form CON29O

CON29R includes standard questions about road proposals or schemes, compulsory purchase orders, enforcement actions, building regulations or planning applications and formal/informal notices.

CON29O contains optional enquiries such as public paths, noise abatement orders and pollution notices.

Most basic searches consist of both the LLC1 and the CON29R forms.

Please note: a search will only provide information on the property/land being purchased. It will not reveal information for adjacent land or property (e.g. planning proposals). Your solicitor or conveyancer would need to raise this as an additional enquiry.

Personal search

Any person may make a personal search of the local land charges register (this does not include the majority of information outlined within the Forms Con29).