Local authority searches

Search fees

Postal Search - our current fees

  • Basic search (LLC1 and CON29R) £135.60
  • Certificate of Search (LLC1) £30
  • CON29R (only) £105.60
  • CON 29O (each) £14.40
  • Any additional enquiry (each) £20
  • Extra parcels of land (each) (LLCI & CON29) £17
  • Extra parcels of land (each) (LLC1 only) £5
  • Extra parcels of land (each) (CON 29) £12.

Please note: the CON29R and CON29O element of the local authority search includes 20 per cent VAT.

Personal Search

Inspection of Local Land Charges Register - Free
With a copy of the Register - £1

Cheques should be made payable to Slough Borough Council and should be a solicitor’s company cheque or a personal cheque supported by a bank card.