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E-scooter trial


In August 2020 the Department for Transport agreed a business case request to legalise short-term hire e-scooters for an initial 12-month trial period. The trial covers parts of the borough in partnership with Neuron Mobility.

As part of the trial, privately owned e-scooters remained illegal to use on public roads and footways. Private e-scooters are only able to be used on private land.

One of the main reasons for this decision was to ensure the trial can be more effectively controlled by councils and local authorities. We will also gather valuable information on usage, travel patterns and ridership.

Neuron Mobility has funded the infrastructure, such as:

  • virtual docking stations
  • e-scooters
  • helmets
  • costs incurred by local authorities for signage, road markings, and the Traffic Regulation Orders.

There has been no capital cost to the council for the scheme.

There are 250 e-scooters in the borough.