E-scooter trial

The operator - Neuron Mobility

Neuron Mobility, founded in Singapore, was chosen to be the single operator across the borough. It is the company’s first location in the UK after successful operations in Australia and New Zealand. The contract was awarded to Neuron Mobility based on the manufacturing design, a drive for sustainable modes of transport and, most importantly, the key safety features.

For example, Neuron e-scooters are more robust, with bigger wheels and wider footboards, allowing side-by-side foot positions. They also have high visibility paint compared to private e-scooters. They have integrated front and rear lights. This makes them better suited for integrating with public transport systems and riding on the road. 

Geofencing technology allows the council and Neuron to work together to:

  • set limits on where the e-scooters can be used
  • cap e-scooter speed limits in some areas
  • dictate where the e-scooters can and cannot park.

As part of Neuron’s significant investment into Slough, the company has created around 25 skilled jobs. The staff were all recruited locally.