E-scooter trial

Key facts about the rental e-scooter scheme

Neuron Mobility has funded the infrastructure, such as:

  • virtual docking stations
  • e-scooters
  • helmets
  • costs incurred by local authorities for signage, road markings, and traffic regulation orders.

There has been no capital cost to the council for the scheme.

There are 300 e-scooters in the borough.

Scheme details

  • Riders must hold a valid full or provisional driving  licence to use a rented e-scooter.
  • It is acceptable to also have an overseas full driving licence from an EU or EEA country. To check eligibility please refer to the government’s online eligibility checking tool.
  • Riders must be over 18 years old.
  • Riders should wear a helmet while operating the scooter, the one provided or their own.
  • Rented e-scooters have a maximum speed of 15mph.
  • Insurance is provided by the operator.
  • E-scooters can only be used on the road and in cycle and bus lanes. 
  • E-scooters are not permitted on pavements, playing fields and parks.
  • If taken in ‘No-Go Zones’ the speed will automatically reduce and the e-scooter will eventually come to a stop due to geofencing technology.