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What planning permission or approval is needed

Residential extension guidelines (RESPD)

These guidelines provide information on what kinds of residential extensions are considered acceptable in Slough.
Over recent years, householders have begun applying for larger and more dominant extensions. It is important that extensions are not allowed to adversely impact the residential areas of Slough.

The Slough Core Strategy Development Plan sets out the need for residential extensions to be of high quality design, to meet criteria on height, scale and style, and to be respectful of the location and the street scene. This residential extension guidance is a ‘Supplementary Planning Document’, and as such, aims to provide greater detail on the requirements set out above.

The Residential Extension Guidelines – Supplementary Planning Document was approved for adoption on the 11th January 2010 by the Planning Committee.

You can view the document here:

If you have any questions about the residential extensions guidelines, please contact us for advice.

Contact the planning team

Contact the planning team