Mental health and wellbeing


Keeping well

Mental wellbeing means feeling good about yourself and the world around you. The NHS recommends five steps to help you stay well.

  1. Connect and develop relationships with people around you. Build strong social connections to help you feel happier, more secure and give you a sense of purpose.
  2. Be active – find an activity you enjoy and make it part of your life.
  3. Keep learning and gain new skills.
  4. Give to others – whether with a small gesture such as a smile or kind word or by volunteering.
  5. Be mindful – be more aware of the present moment, thoughts and feelings.

Your Mind plan

There are simple things we can all do to look after our mental health and wellbeing.

Get your Mind Plan quiz helps you build a practical plan that you can use to help maintain and improve your mental health. It also offers expert advice and practical tips.

Once you have taken the quiz you can find information about activities and events taking place in Slough on Family Services Directory to help improve your health and wellbeing.