Paying for care in your own home

Unlike health services provided by the NHS, there is a charge for most adult social care services. How much you will have to pay towards meeting the cost of your care and support will depend on your financial circumstances.

Slough Borough Council will make a charge for residential and non-residential services and will spend all of the income raised on providing more care and support for those who need it. If the council did not charge, it would not be possible to help everyone who needs support.

This page provides information for people receiving care and support at home. It answers the most common questions that arise about the financial implications, and explains how we will work out what you will have to pay towards the cost of meeting your care and support needs in your own home.

The rules for deciding whether you qualify for financial support, and how much you are entitled to, are laid down by central government.

Please note the figures quoted are all for the financial year from April 2019 to March 2020 and are subject to change on an annual basis.