Paying for residential or nursing home care

Managing your finances

As part of the assessment of your care and support needs, we will establish whether you have the mental capacity to manage your own finances.

If we are concerned that you do not have the mental capacity to manage your own finances, or will not have capacity to do this in the near future, then a legally authorised person will need to represent you.

If you have already appointed someone as your Finance and Property Attorney, or have a Court Appointed Deputy (or, if you receive benefits, a DWP Appointee), we will need to see evidence of this before they can act on your behalf.

If you do not have a Finance and Property Attorney, Court Appointed Deputy, or DWP Appointee, an application for Deputyship or Appointeeship will need to be made:

  • An Appointee is only responsible for managing a person’s benefits and a small and limited amount of savings. They do not manage property. They apply to the DWP for Appointeeship.
  • A Deputy is responsible for the management of a person’s financial affairs including savings, pensions and all sources of income or assets, including property and valuables. They apply to the Court of Protection for Deputyship.

If there is no family member or friend able to take on the role, Slough Borough Council’s appointeeship team can apply to represent you.