Money to Move

Are you under-occupying your home?

The “limited time only” offer on the Money to Move (TIS) scheme expired at the end of September 2015. Eligible council tenants who applied to downsize after the end of September will be paid £1,000 per bedroom released. Further information listed below:

  • there is no age restriction – this means that any Slough Borough Council secure tenant who has one spare bedroom will be able to apply
  • eligible tenants should be able to downsize by one bedroom or more without being overcrowded. Allocations to new properties will be based on the current housing allocations policy
  • tenants in rent arrears will be considered if the TIS payment will clear the arrears
  • the options to help tenants with removals will remain for tenants with identified vulnerability

Who is eligible?

  • All secure council tenants who are able to downsize by at least one bedroom.
  • Tenants who are able to give us vacant possession on their existing home.
  • Tenants with rent arrears which will be cleared with the payment due to them.

How to apply

In order for us to consider your application to downsize, you must first be registered on the council’s housing register (waiting list). To apply to go on to the housing register you can download the application form here or call 01753 475111 (Option 3). If you are already registered you do not need to re-apply.

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