Adult Social Care and how to access

What is ongoing care and support?

If you are likely to need ongoing care and/or support we will carry out a more detailed assessment with you to:

  • identify your needs and goals
  • determine if you are eligible for this support from the Council.

If you are not eligible for this help we will offer advice about other organisations who may be able to help you.

If you are eligible we will:

  • calculate how much the support you need is likely to cost (this is called your Personal Budget)
  • help you choose and plan the services and support you want to meet your assessed needs (this is called a Support Plan)
  • arrange your support for you or give you the money we would put towards your Personal Budget so you can arrange and pay for your own care (this is called a Direct Payment) - if you prefer you can have a combination
  • review your situation regularly to make sure the support you receive continues to meet your needs.

You can come back to us at any time if your needs change or you are unhappy with your Support Plan.